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October 3, 2010

Alligator Clip Barrettes

I made these darling child's alligator clip barrettes over the weekend. They were so easy! I saw them on a talk show or blog somewhere, and it sat in my brain until I had the time to get to it, so I can't remember to whom I should properly attribute the idea.

I got the steel single prong alligator clips in bulk online here for less than fifteen cents apiece, including the shipping. I priced them out at a couple local beauty supplies, and this was by far the best deal. It was a simple task to then wrap ribbon bought on clearance after last Christmas season around them using a hot glue gun. Okay, I'm not as handy with the glue gun as I would like to admit--they were more time intensive than I expected. But they're a great frugal gift for a new mother or favorite niece.

They make handy hair clips for children or adults, but I can think of some other uses for them too: one of them is to hold pairs of mittens or socks together in a closet or bin. My favorite is to use them to clip holiday cards to twine or rope to make a swag wall decoration. I'll be doing this with incoming Christmas cards this year, and love the idea as a Valentine's Day banner. With an everyday-themed ribbon, I'm planning to make a handful for a friend in the hospital. She can use a card banner that can be easily swapped out to stay current, and is portable when she switches rooms.

Have you ever made hair accessories for your children? Please post a comment to the blog, and send pictures if you have any.

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