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July 16, 2011

Weekly Garden Update with Annuals

I planted a few annuals, mostly Petunias, in the side garden bed this last week. All told I spent $20 at the hardware store with all but one being from the "mostly dead" clearance rack ~ but they'll all do well in my yard! The Petunias were red/pink, white, and blue/purple left over from 4th of July. I usually forgo annuals as I don't like to have to re-plant each year, but these have added so much color that they've made me a convert. I also got a new sage seedling and pulled out the old because it was too woody and no longer producing much leaf; that was the "new" splurge. Then I got a beautiful tea rose that I added to the near end of the bed. I've tried several roses there and it's always been too shady or dry for them to survive, but the bed looks so abbreviated without one I'm hoping to better care for this one.

The garden from the other end, looking down toward the gate/driveway.

I've got a beautiful Amaryllis blooming right now in the center bed near the laundry. Amazing what pops up when it gets water! That bed is not reached by the watering system, so it usually founders, but being home lately I've given it more attention.

This is one of the Hibiscus I planted at the far top of the yard, viewable as you walk in from the gate. I think this will go on a Zazzle card!

Here's the bed where the Amyrillis is and where I put the Dahlia last week. The Dahlia has lots of buds but nothing open at the moment--though there are Persian Daffodils in bloom.

The Tea Rose I just put in. Small but such dainty reddish-pink blooms that I'm in love. A few other cool spots in the garden right now:

The Artichoke has a couple of globes again. I love seeing this go to seed in the summer.

The path along our fenceline has the berries overgrowing and the Canna is in full glory.

My neighbor's Bougainvilla drapes over the fence in our backyard, and my owl statue stands watch.

July 10, 2011

Tissue Paper Frame

Isn't this frame darling around this photo? I'm guessing it was made by the little boy in the picture. ;o)

It was at my vet's office. It seems to be a simple project--tissue squares mod podged around a wooden frame, and then accented with a cutout. I'm filing this away as an example for my 4-H kids.

July 8, 2011

Hesby House Garden ~ An Armstrong Gardens Shopping Spree

I had a Groupon that I bought way back in March, and its expiration date was yesterday. So I was able to treat myself to a shopping spree at Armstrong Gardens! Amongst my favorite flowers are Dahlias; they began my romance with bulbs. I scored this beautiful Dinnerplate Dahlia called "Cafe Au Lait." What a beauty to wake up to in the mornings!

(The bed the Dahlia was planted in. To the right is my laundry area)

(A Peruvian Daffodil in the same bed as the Dahlia)

(the three Irises right in front of it)

( a small bulb that I keep pulling up, thinking it's a weed--now flowering)

My long standing all-time favorite and personal motif has been Lillies of the Valley. In browsing at Armstrong I came across a bush called Pieris which is known as the "Lily of the Valley Bush." It flourishes in part sun/shade, which is ideal for my front door-walkway. I came away with two varieties: Pieris x "Forest Flame" & Pieris Japonica "Valley Valentine." They're a slow grower but top out as rather large shrubs so it'll be exciting to see how these adapt to my environment. I have bottlebrush trees at my house, so I used the Pieris with red flames closer in, as a transition from the bottlebrush further into the space.

(the Valley Valentine Pieris planted directly beside the front door)

Here are highlights from the rest of the garden that have been gestating for a while:

(my lone Apple)

(my single Nectarine)

(Jaysene's Garden planted back in May is taking hold)

(center in this photo is a spiky Fritillaria.
I planted some of these in Jaysene's
Garden but haven't seen them pop up yet)

(my Daylily "Millie Schlumpf" and Artichoke with two chokes)

(the Hibiscus I planted at the end of the path, to form a hedge looking towards the house from the drive)

(looking down from the back of the lot towards the driveway)
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