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June 25, 2011

Frugal Festival Food Follow-Up

I didn't take any pictures today as I'm a bit shaken up by my puppy's back diagnosis and spending a lot of energy toward her care, but I did attend an event today that I wanted to report back on:

The Frugal Festival Food Event sponsored by Julia, the Bargain Babe herself, was a great resource of tips and tricks to help your budget, and a fun place to meet people!

There are two blogs that I found out about today of which I'm an instant follower. Tia, of Tia Saving Cents gave a great presentation on couponing that taught me the bones of the game. Unfortunately, time was short so I don't feel like I absorbed as much of what she was saying. But she plans to put her full powerpoint presentation on her blog, so I'll be linking to it as soon as I see it! Tia's also on Facebook, if you like blog posts to just show up in your daily feed.

Another wonderful resource I discovered was Billy Vasquez, author of The 99 Cent Chef. He did a tasty food demo of veggie wraps, with homemade hummus and organic greens. The friend I'd brought to the event as my guest swears by the produce section and cold cases at 99 cents only, and I found it hilarious that someone blogs about how to cook by shopping only there!

The swag bag was first-rate and the balmy breeze made for a perfect afternoon. I had some nice conversations with other attendees before my friend joined me. I'm definitely looking forward to this event next year! It'll be on my summer calendar in bold.


  1. Nice to meet you to! And keep on blogging, Bon Appetit - The 99 Cent Chef

  2. Hello Ellen! Thanks for attending Frugal Festival Food! I work in PR on behalf of Albertsons, and helped in planning the California Grown peach, nectarine, plum and sunflower freebies, along with the Coupon Challenge (in collaboration with AOL's and Fresh Freezing demo with Albertsons' Nutritionist Heidi Diller.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at the event, and I hope you enjoyed the fresh California Grown fruit! Thanks for attending, and THANKS for your post!

    ~ Leigh Ann Dufurrena


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