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September 22, 2011

Blog Issues

I've been so busy this year, and more practical, dealing with life issues like my dog being sick and getting paperwork like taxes up to date. In August I traded in my eleven year old car, another project that required a fair amount of research. With all that going on, my blogging has been at a minimum, and this site has been on autopilot.

In three years of blogging, I've never been hacked. But for some reason, this month Google has decided this website is Satan, and brandished it with a bright red warning. When I finally sit down to get to the bottom of this issue, it seems to have melted away, only to return when I least expect it.

So if you know of a techno-"expert" fluent in Google or in Blogger, please send them my way. And if you notice a warning on my website, please bring it to my attention by dropping me a note at etrets (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for sticking with me.

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