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May 5, 2013

Celiac Foundation's Gluten Free Expo

I spent a Sunday afternoon roaming around the Celiac Foundation's Gluten-Free Expo and learning about products available for specialized diets.  There's a roundup of the day on their website here including a list of all the vendors present and lots more photos.

In addition to a whole list of books (mostly cookbooks) that I want to add to my wish list, there were wonderful samples from companies I wasn't familiar with.  My favorites were grain-free crackers, falafel chips, parmesan crisps, and gluten-free bread.  There were some tasty desserts, as well as lots of baking mixes and even gluten-free mac and cheese.  

I met several nutritionists that I hope to keep in contact with and learn from.  If I practice as a health coach or nutritionist, I know that I will encounter many people who are looking to eliminate gluten from their diet, so I'm really glad to learn more about this circumstance.  I'm already preparing for a future career.

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