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October 4, 2013

Photo Essay: the Getty Villa

A friend's visit to Los Angeles recently gave me the excuse to visit a local treasure I'd never explored:  the Getty Villa.  While I've been to the regular Getty, this off-site location houses the Getty's Roman, Greek, and Etruscan treasures.  

The Villa went through a major renovation just a few years ago and was the talk of the town, but because I didn't know exactly where it was, and timed tickets are required, I haven't made it out there until now.  Tickets are requested online free of charge, and the only payment required is a per-vehicle parking fee.   Having seen it in person, the Villa is absolutely worth the investment in planning and time.  In fact, it's difficult to take it all in in a single visit.  I'll be sure to go again the next time I entertain guests.

There are docent-led garden tours and architectural tours hourly.  Inside, one can check out an iPod with an ID as deposit, and listen to self-guided art tours.  While most of the art is pulled from the permanent collection, there are traveling exhibits as well.  My friend and I unknowingly timed our visit well:  the traveling exhibit right now centers on glass! 

The Prometheus Wheel is the focal point of an open-air ampitheater

Beautiful frescoes on the ceiling

Venus, Roman, AD 100-200

Fountain in the Inner Peristyle

Relief of an African Elephant, Roman, AD 79-96

Wall fountain in the East Garden

Center fountain in the East Garden

Bronze waterspout in the East Garden

Mosaic wall fountain in the East Garden

Strawberry bush in the East Garden

Wall frescoes in the Outer Peristyle

Grape arbors providing shade cover

Bearded Irises in the Outer Peristyle

The Outer Peristyle, looking east towards the building

Fountain in the Herb Garden.  Love the colorful leaves of the lilypad!

Looking down the length of the Herb Garden

The fountain in the center of the structure, near the ampitheater, features a wall of flowing water

The Outer Peristyle, looking west toward the Pacific ocean.

Benches and pathways in the Outer Peristyle

Architectural columns and finials in careful detail

The temporary exhibit, Ancient Glass and techniques.  Mind blowing to think how old these pieces are and all they have survived!

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