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January 19, 2015

"Jungle Rescue" ~ Burbank Tournament of Roses Float 2015

"Jungle Rescue" is my third Burbank Tournament of Roses float that I've helped to decorate.  I was looking back on my blog and realized I hadn't ever added these photos, so I'm posting them much after the fact to have them in my archive.  I wish I'd written down the details as they happened, but the pictures tell the story.
Deco Week Day One - Dec. 26th

It's so much fun to see the float start from the ground up and come to completion by the end of the week.

Day Three - Dec 28th

Much of decorating is Statice, statice, statice.  Trimming the flower petals from their stalks takes hours upon hours of tedious volunteer work that is only lightened by cameraderie.  

The decorating process is focused on the animals being finished off the float.

Day Four - Dec 29th

By day four of decorating, the animals are taking shape and the process of attaching them to the float is being discussed and begun.

New Years Eve - Judging - Dec 31st

Judging takes place over several stages, but the climax is the day before the parade.  The float is started up and moved to the parking lot next door to the float barn.  All the animatronics are operated, and the original soundtrack is live.  Volunteers are working on small details up to the moment.

I was lucky to be involved in the float once again.  This year's jolly animals were raucus fun!

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