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January 31, 2016

Monogrammed Peppermint Wreath

I was inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook to try a new wreath for my door this Christmas.  I spent the holidays in town without family, so this festive craft went a long way to putting me in the mood of the season.  And I hit Michaels on a sale day, and ended up spending less than ten bucks on this entire project!  

This was a pretty quick project I was able to complete in just a couple days.  Many google images show candy wreaths made with a red paint, but I had a metallic green acrylic paint on hand that fit with the season and contrasted with the candies to allow them to stand out.   I did seal both sides of the wreath when I was finished, taking care to completely cover the candies to protect them from the weather, but after two or three months enough moisture had gotten in to make the candies sticky, and I had to throw the wreath out.  Still, given the minor expense and the enjoyment I got from it, I considered it a successful investment. 

Wooden monogram form - $2.50
Acrylic paint - $2.00
Peppermint candies (2 bags) - $2.00
Grosgrain ribbon - $1.00
Clear gloss sealant - $2.50
Hot glue gun & sticks - from my kit

Find a few other examples with step-by-step instructions here and here.  

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