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February 12, 2017

California Strawberry Festival Poster Competition

I'll admit, the lure in entering this competition I came across on Facebook is the two thousand dollar prize purse.  I have a large outstanding vet bill since Chance passed away, and this would pay off a significant chunk.  
Coincidentally, one of the costumes I found for the girls this Halloween, just after Chance died, was a strawberry, complete with a little leaf-top hat.  Since I had some photos from our shoot last October, I picked a few of them to have blown up.  I cut them out with embroidery scissors and played with the juxtaposition.  
This is the first year the poster contest is open to any art medium, including photography.  Past years' design winners have been fine art paintings.   My take is unusual and a bit outrageous.  I'm hoping the selectors will be open to a humorously memorable direction for the poster theme.

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