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April 13, 2017

Fryman Canyon Hike

Caitie in Fryman Canyon
I've hesitated to post hikes around LA on my blog, because I wanted to stick to crafts and food that most anyone could do and enjoy.  A lot of my readers are family members in other states.  Plus, the hikes I've done aren't rare hidden finds that no one knows about; because I have asthma, I tend to stick to beginner or level-ground hikes that are fairly straightforward and popular. 

I have posted free events on the blog before though, and hiking is definitely a great way to enjoy the outdoors while improving your health.  I've enjoyed some spectacular views lately.  Decidedly, any positive reinforcement that comes from sharing my fun can only encourage me to stick with my new activity level.  I'm going to stick with regular exercise this time, and I know this because I'm willing to talk about it publicly.

View toward the San Fernando Valley mid-hike
So one of my favorite hikes of late has been Fryman Canyon.  The base of the trail is off Laurel Blvd.  There's decent parking, the path is wide, and dogs are expected to be on-leash.  I took my five pound chihuahua mix, and Caitie loved it.  I was having to keep up with her.  The round-trip hike took about two hours and had a total elevation of perhaps five hundred feet, so for me this was fairly challenging.  I stuck to the main trail, though for more experienced people there are paths which branch off in several areas.   Always take your water bottle in LA, even on a cool day.  Good shoes are a must, but this is a groomed trail so basic footwear will do.  Be aware of snakes off-trail; another good reason to keep a dog tethered to you. 

I just celebrated the third adoption anniversary of my puppy, Caitie, and I took her on this hike for a little one-on-one time as a celebration.  It was a great way to enjoy a spring day!  If you come out to visit me, I'll add this to our tour.  

Caitie, Claire, and I on Caitie's third adoption anniversary

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