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November 28, 2008

Scaled to Fit

I've approached my tiny bungalow guest house as a miniature version of the type of home I grew up in. As such, I've had to make an adjustment in scale. Excluding the bed, my bedroom furniture is actually nursery furniture: I found child-scale fits perfectly, allowing me to have a tall shelf as a bedside stand for my radio, clock, and reading lamp while leaving room for a child's toy chest at the foot of the bed as a bench. My dresser was conceived as a dining room sideboard, but the many compartments serve me well for necessities, with the two main dish cabinets holding bulky sweaters and jeans. And what used to be my twelve inch-deep sofa table has now become my kitchen counter, giving me more room to make a cup of tea near the microwave, or an extra narrow surface for mixing cookie dough.

But by far the best spatial economy in my apartment is my four place-setting countertop dishwasher, actually made for boats or other tight spaces. It screws onto my kitchen tap when in use, and drains into the sink.

helped me compare different options on brands and models, and listed prices including shipping costs. The one I ended up with includes an extra hot SaniCycle for sterilization.

Do you have any design tips for compact spaces? Let me know in a comment.

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