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November 29, 2008


My mom entertains her friends with stories of my dogs' capers. Now she can show off her granddogs. I used that old standby toy from childhood, Shrinky Dinks, to make some oh-so-fashionable earrings by tracing a photo of my dog in colored pencils. Took a couple trys to figure out the right scale, but it made for a great tounge-in-cheek present!

One Christmas I made an ornament out of Shrinky Dinks for everyone on one side of my family. My grandfather had his own soda bottling company in rural Illinois from the 1930s until about the 1950s, printed in red on a clear glass bottle. I took our family logo off the label and traced it onto the Shrinky Dink. When finished, it looked like a piece of glass! The ornament hangs on my mom and dad's tree today.

Here's how to get shrinky dinks, if you can't find them at your local craft store:

What classic toys are favorites from your childhood?


  1. I LOVE shrinky-Dinks!!! I wish I still had my weeble wobbles. ;-)

  2. You are hilarious..I am always inspired by your craft-t- ideas:) YOU are my deckopage person for life!!


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