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March 26, 2010


Today was Tomatomania day for me! I got something like 24 tomato seedlings for myself, my dad, and three friends--good thing I'm not keeping them all! I went small and sweet this year, for the most part.

I was smart enough to bring along a camera today so I have great descriptions of each kind I chose for the year. I can print these pictures, laminate, and have my own plant tags--or I can just log my selections here and be able to search back to see what I've done from season to season. ;o)

I did get an Old German for my pop, and one larger for us all--my favorite, Pineapple Hawaiian.

My two new experiments for the season that I've sampled at last spring's tomato tasting at Loteria Grill...

My traditional favorite sweet cherry tomatoes....

I also came home with ten strawberry seedlings to beef up my little plot of hardy upstarts that lived through the winter.

The strawberries are already in the ground, but the tomatoes will take a little forethought--where to put them all? I'll be taking some more pictures over the weekend as I plant everything. And I'm looking forward to putting up some updates as the season grows!

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