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March 14, 2010

Sunland Water Gardens

If the fall to xmas is serious craft time for me, spring, especially March is serious gardening time. I'm spending a lot of time this month in my back yard, and today uncovered all the patio furniture from months of rain.

I installed my own fountain in my backyard last spring, and enjoyed it for one season before finding it becoming a watering hole for all the neighborhood vermin that had ingested poison, which would then die in my yard. So it was promptly emptied and left that way for the winter. I'm finding that to have been a mistake--the lack of volume pressure in the bowl allowed the ground forces to push inward and upward, and my pond has become unseated. I'm going to have to pull it up and re-hallow out the hole for it.

In addition, I'm in need of a new filter for the pump. So today I explored a place that I'm told is "the" spot for water plants, koi, and pond supplies--Sunland Water Gardens. It was really neat to learn about all the plants and animals that can survive in a boggy environment! Their koi were priced by color and size. The baby turtles were maybe three inches long, and so cute. And I learned what plants will thrive in moving water vs. still. If you're in the market for any of the above, check out their website or visit them on-site in Tujunga.

And if you have a water feature in your landscape, please share your tips for supplies or maintenance in a comment on the blog!

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