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May 12, 2010

Recipe Experiment: Chicken-less Strips

My latest experiment with veggie meats has been TJ's Chicken-less Strips. I thought I'd make a stir fry, casserole, or some other great meal with them sometime when I was entertaining. Then I ate all the rest of the groceries in my house, and was home alone, scrounging for something semi-healthy to eat. I took the easy way out and made what turned out to be a fairly good, terribly simple Asian chicken salad.

According to the directions, these can be heated in the microwave, though I suspected that would make them a bit tough. So I tossed the opened package in some Asian-sesame salad dressing for moisture first. I also added about three "cutie" mandarin oranges, peeled and in segments. I microwaved for one minute as recommended, tossed and ate. Surprisingly yummy! The salad wouldn't have been good without the citrus.

I was a bit turned off by the sodium content of this product--just one serving has 14% of your daily sodium intake! Meat eaters, how does this compare with regular chicken strips? Then again, one serving also has 40% of your daily recommended protein, which is something my diet is normally sorely lacking. So, as an occasional supplement in my diet, I think this product has its place.

Have you tried any veggie meat substitutes? What's your favorite product, and how do you prepare and serve it? Please leave me a comment on the blog.


  1. I just read something on Web MD about chicken nuggets that said they are super high in sodium. I'm assuming regular chicken strips would be as well. I never buy ready made chicken strips so I have no idea on the sodium content. I use side dishes from a box but I most often cook from scratch. It is just as easy and I got into the habit when Drew was off dairy for 4 years (allergy that he eventually outgrew). There is very little that is peanut safe and not dairy free. So most packaged stuff was off the menu.

  2. Bbq riblets. Love them. Make some baked beans and cole slaw and no one would suspect that its a healthy vegan dinner. Mostly I don't care for food that pretends to be something else, but I do love those riblets.

    And for what its worth, I am an omnivore.


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