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July 28, 2010

Quilted Kite Basket Liner for Rita's Walker

My aunt has Parkinsons, and it's affected her to the point where she just got a walker to aide her balance. Aunt Rita's always been one of the most active people I know, so she's having a difficult time adjusting. Rita was a huge quilter for most of her life, so I came up with the idea to quilt a liner for the basket of her walker. It'll be a great conversation piece for her and practical too, as well as reminding her of me.

I went to the fabric store the other day and lucked out with all these remnants for about $25. I'm loving the bright but earthy colors. I wanted to use a sturdy fabric, as I know this will get a lot of use, so there are lots of upholstry fabrics in the mix.

I chose a kite motif in honor of some times I've spent with my aunt & uncle. Since I'm not a quilter myself, I scoured the internet for a free pattern. Here's what I came up with. Next step is to size it to fit my actual project, and design the pockets and physical construction of it. If I have any material left, I may make a doggy blanket for Rita's Chihuahua Katie, who will probably be spending lots of time in the basket.

This is definitely a work in progress, so I'll post an update when I've begun putting it all together. I've had fun conceptualizing it though, and wanted to share.

What's the biggest sewing project you've ever attempted? Leave a comment on the blog, with pictures, if you have any to share.

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