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January 23, 2011

Craft Idea: Grapevine Vintage Button Wreath

I spent the afternoon lunching with a friend in Santa Monica, and after we wandered through a huge, expensive (Santa Monica beach-side) antique mall. A creative find there that I love was this vintage button grapevine wreath. It would be easy to duplicate in a favorite color and would lend whimsy and femininity to your doorway.

What I thought was great about this wreath was that it wasn't hastily hot glued, but was carefully wire-wrapped, so it will withstand lots of usage without buttons falling off. This would be really easy to do with a grapevine wreath as opposed to a foam core. The gold wire used with the white buttons elevated its sense of formality. I also loved the big finishing bow at the top.

Where do you find inspiration for crafts you make at home? Do you often have a camera with you to photograph great ideas? Please leave a comment on the blog.


  1. Super cute idea. It would take a fortune in buttons though!

  2. Ah, but lots of us who are 50+ years old have button jars and button boxes. Even those of us who don't sew (like me)! Some of us have the ones our mothers and grandmothers kept as well. Another good source of buttons is yard sales/thrift shops--buy the cheapest shirts and snip the buttons off!

    Ellen, I love this and I am passing it on to two friends who have craft genes. I am destitute in that regard!

  3. Ellen,
    I am from the Utah Dahlia Society and noticed that you had left some messages on our blog in the past. My apologies that they were not answered. In the future please contact me personally at 801-269-8028 if you have any questions. Karen

  4. ellen, i love seeing your craft ideas. every christmas season i take a camera to the festival of trees & snap ideas i'd like to incorporate into our decortating (not that it ever happens!). this last year i found the perfect gift to make for my brother who is a summer, island boy. it's a wood panel with "seas `n` greetings" painted on it. can't wait to get started on it!


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