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January 5, 2011

Bottle Cap Ornament

I just got a really nifty craft tool that I'll be using a lot this year! It punches holes in bottlecaps. You might know my grandfather had a local soda company in Southern Illinois from the 1930s-50s. In fact, I've made our logo into an ornament one year. We have a ton of our family label bottlecaps, and I've been wanting to figure out how to make them into jewelry. I can also put the caps onto pull chains for zippers or to mark flash drives, keychains, and....

....ornaments. My late uncle had a tradition of making an ornament for the family each year, and I have had fun taking after him.

I superglued my Grandpa's picture on the inside, covered with a protective silicone-like disc, then left it as a thank-you for my dad when I left town after the holidays. Can't wait to see it on the tree next year. I think I'll be using these as my extended family gift for next year.

What projects do you have in mind to work on for next year? When do you start your handmade gifts--at the last moment, or throughout the year?

1 comment:

  1. Ellen, I have not one but two necklaces made from bottle caps! With matching earrings. I will try to take some pictures of them and put them on my blog so you can see them.

    I love them! And I get so many comments on them every time I wear them.

    One project I am planning on trying requires bottle caps too. It's old fashioned crocheted bottle caps hot mats for the kitchen. So kitschy and cute! I love them. Unfortunately none of us really drink sodas or beer so when we have them I try to save the caps. It may take me a couple of years to accumulate enough caps to get these done. : )


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