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April 24, 2011

Pet Sitting Long-term

This week I begin pet-sitting my friend's dog for an extended period of time. I've taken care of him before, but not for this long -- three weeks.

This is a trade with a neighbor friend. I'm really glad I have her to depend on when I'm in similar circumstances. We're both familiar with each other's animals and their routines, so there's no one I'm more comfortable leaving my animals with. I'm sure it will be fine, and in fact I'm looking forward to socializing my dogs more, but it will remove myself and my dogs from our usual patterns for quite a while.

Any tips on integrating your own pets into an already existing pack? What do you do or what do you bring along with you to make yourself feel comfortable in another's home?

(Chance and his buddy Gizmo)


  1. my dogs barely tolerate other humans in our house. they'd never go for another dog in their territory. although they do have very good furry friends that we visit everyday. good luck with your temporary boarder!

  2. yeah, we chose to stay at their house to remove Chance from his home turf advantage. A little more inconvenient for me in terms of logistics, but then again I get to enjoy their cable. ;o) And it's gone really well! Chance has only had one hissy fit, and it wasn't till several days in. I put the muzzle on him for the rest of the day, but refused to isolate him--he had to learn to deal. Now he's warmed up and all the dogs are playing together!

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