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June 16, 2013

Fabric Flower Craft

I tried a fun new craft, making flowers for pins or embellishments from silky fabrics.  This activity is not quite suited to my 4-H kids, since it involves an open flame, but it's quick and beginner-level easy. 

Use tulle, satin, and other high nylon fabrics. Cut rough flower shapes, using care to make them large enough as the flame causes them to shrink.  Ours were about 4-6 inches across before we finished them.  Use a candle flame to carefully finish off and shrivel the edges.  The burning will prevent them from raveling.  Stack multiple layers to make a flower; ours took about 7-10 layers each.  Textures and colors will create great effect.  Sew a quick whip stitch to hold all the layers together, and consider using a bead or button in the center of the flower. 

We attached a pin back to these, but I thought it would be great with a clip-on earring backing as a shoe clip, or sewn to a purse.  They're also great for gift bags.  Where would you use these?  Have you ever made these before?  Please leave a comment on the blog.

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