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December 16, 2008

The Machine

Here's a tip for a wonderfully noteworthy L.A. non-profit, Machine Project. They're a delightfully kooky resource for all sorts of interesting things: public fruit mapping and gathering, canning, seminars on sewing, crafting, electronics, and everything in-between.

The email I got from them today advertises a phone in poetry service! Call 213 448 7668 between 9-10pm Monday - Thursday for a free poem of the length and moral character of your choosing.

They're official purpose: "Machine Project exists to encourage heroic experiments of the gracefully over-ambitious. We provide educational resources to people working with technology, we collaborate with artists to produce site-specific works, and we promote conversations between scientists, poets, technicians, performers, and the community of Los Angeles as a whole."

Find a list of their upcoming classes and seminars at From there, click to their home page for more information or contact them directly.

And keep them in mind if you're searching for a nonprofit to support financially this holiday season. Machine Project is a 501c3 registered non-profit so donations are tax deductible.

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