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December 12, 2008

The Price is Free

If you live in LA, one free fun thing to do is go to a taping of a local game or talk show.

Here's the link to free tickets for "Price is Right":

When I was about nine and lived in a Chicago suburb, my mom drove a bunch of my friends and I to a taping of the "Bozo Show."

I remember a circle of girls in the back of a van riding into the big city. Coincidentally, it happened to be Valentines' Day, so my present that day was a shirt that my mom painted saying "Bozo is my Valentine" on the front and "and Cookie too" on the back. They gave us great seats and taped me on the show because of my shirt. I had such great memories of the day, I liked being reminded of it by wearing the shirt each Valentines for several years to come.

I also went to a taping of Ellen DeGenerous' talk show once, the day she debuted her new set design. But the best part of most live tapings is the audience warm-up.

What shows have you attended that had a fun party atmosphere? Please leave me a comment below, and I'll edit this post to add links for those shows' tickets.

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