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January 4, 2010

Mom's Rose Chenille Knitted Scarf

One resolution I had at the beginning of 2009 was to learn to knit. It took me all year, but here's my first completed project. I made a long scarf for my mom from some thick chenille yarn, which helped to keep the rows even and hide any flaws. I embellished it with tassels at each end, and a ribbon rose pinned on for easy washing. It's hard to tell from the photos, but this was a really long scarf--I wish I'd taken the time to measure it. I loved the variegated red/cream yard paired with the solid cream yarn. The variegation gave the coloring a bit of depth. My mom lives in cold winter temperatures, so the thickness should be great for her. Next year I'll have to learn to purl!

One tip that I was given when learning to knit was to save the paper wrappers from your skeins, and pin them to the project if you're giving it as a gift, so that the recipient will know the content of the thread to launder it properly.

Do you knit or crochet? How did you learn, and what do you like to make? Leave a comment for me on the blog with your suggestions.


  1. Ellen, that is a beautiful scarf. Good job on that! I do knit and crochet. I do about 70% crochet, and 30% knitting. Mostly because I have been crocheting longer so for me it is easier, more relaxing and I don't have to think as much when I do it.

    I had a friend teach me to crochet. I am left-handed and she is right, so she would sit in front of me and I would mirror what she was doing. It worked really well. Years later I finally figured out that the stitch I wanted to learn to do was stockinette in knitting. So I took a class at a community center. Our instructor told us to buy a book (any book) on teaching kids to knit. They give really good instructions, good visuals and make it really easy.

    What do I like to make? Hmmm. I like to make a lot of things. But mostly I make baby blankets and coffee cozies. I am a birth doula and I make a blanket for each of my clients. And the coffee cozies make a great gift with a coffee shop gift card tucked inside.

  2. Way cool scarf!!

    I'm almost all thumbs when it comes to crafts, but I want to learn how to knit and crochet this year. Or just one of them! I have been going the DIY route right now (as to crocheting) and not getting far. I have a friend who will help me if I ask (whew). And as I type this, a kid's book on knitting, a skein of yarn, and 2 needles await below in the kitchen. IF I get anywhere (or, alternatively, if it is a huge failure), I MAY write about it, but don't expect anything soon!

    Happy 2010, Ellen! May it hold good things for you.

  3. P.S. It looks like you went home (parents) for the holidays?


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