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April 2, 2010

Viewing Advertising is Paying Off

A while back, I wrote about opening up new income opportunities through online surveys, friend referrals, and internet searches on sites such as Opinion Outpost, You Data, SwagBucks, & My initial comment was that "My biggest hesitation is that I'll accumulate points but forget to redeem them or 'check-out.' Without an automated payout system, I expect this can be a big time drain. But, that's part of my responsibility in doing the work on the site, and I'll just have to stay on top of the various reward systems."

I've been using YouData now for over six months. They routinely pay about a dime a week into my paypal account. Not much cash, but again, it's something for basically nothing.

I do allow RewardPort to send solicitations to my email that direct me to various webpages. For clicking on the link in the email, I recieve a few points at a time. I then immediately close the web window, without taking time to review essentially any of the offers. Tonight I've redeemed points for my first giftcard -- a $25 Starbucks card that will be a real treat for me.

I also know many people that use these sites to acquire gift cards not for themselves, but to use as gifts, a great way to fit gifting into a tight budget without feeling like you're lessening what you give to sensitive recipients like close family members, who may not share your value system or expectations.

Of all the sites I've been referred to, these are what work best for me. Do you use any of these sources for income, treats, or gift giving? Please share your tips and results in a comment on the blog. I'd love to hear about your experiences!

1 comment:

  1. I've been a member of MyPoints for 12 or so years, and I click on the emails (as well as use the MyPoints site when I buy something from one of the companies that gives points through them). I'm almost at another $50 gift card for one of my favorite restaurants!



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