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August 11, 2009

New Income Opportunities & Blogging/Site Updates

I've been playing with the sidebar of "Within My Means" once again. You might notice I've added a "donate" button. No, I've not decided to become a charity case, and I really don't expect you to freely donate your hard-earned money. What this is is my little experiment in linking my PayPal account to the blog. Seeing that this works gives me the confidence to now experiment with some e-books in which I might share some tips and tricks. So, in the future, I'll change the "donate" button to "add to cart" with set fees for products such as e-books. Or whatever else I can think of. Anyway, there's the Explanation on That.

You might've also found the nifty little icon displayed to the left of the webpage address (URL) in the browser address field, called a Favicon, short for "favorites icon." There was a great tutorial that walked me through its creation. I would like to credit the author, but I didn't bookmark the page, and can't remember what site it was on. In any case, they used the Favicon Generator here. I took the image from one of my squirrel pictures, so now we have a little critter looking down on every page load.

My squirrels kindly volunteered for a new photo shoot one afternoon near the squirrel feeder I hung onto the chain link fence in the far corner of the yard. The feeder was a Christmas present from a dear friend, so this is the first spring it's been up.

For some income opportunities we all can share, my cousin Rachel turned me onto the blog Mummy Deals, and I browsed upon her post of favorite ways to earn a little extra money through online surveys, friend referrals, and internet searches.

Thanks to Mummy, I'm now registered with and experimenting on Opinion Outpost, You Data, SwagBucks, & This is a new thing for me, so I'm going to have to try it out for a while and report back. My biggest hesitation is that I'll accumulate points but forget to redeem them or "check-out." Without an automated payout system, I expect this can be a big time drain. But, that's part of my responsibility in doing the work on the site, and I'll just have to stay on top of the various reward systems.

Clair at Mummy Deals also recommends checking out the site Survey Police before you get started. They are an online survey companies resource with reputations, rankings, & directories.

If you're an email subscriber to the blog, or are reading this post via FaceBook, consider stopping by the blog itself sometime to check out all the added sidebar options.

Have you registered on any of these websites? Has it proved lucrative for you? Do you know of other, similar sites that you like better? Leave a comment below if you have any tips.


  1. Got my first payment today of $1.26 via paypal from YouData. Okay, so it's not a ton of money, but if it keeps up, that's $50 more dollars into my savings account each year for pretty much doing nothing in no time. I'll take that!

  2. Getting frustrated now with YouData. I downloaded an application specifically to keep track of their surveys. Must be in the wrong demographic though because they've not had another survey for me since that first day. Bummer as it seems to be pretty lucrative and easy.


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