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December 26, 2010

Carlinville Panorama

This is a much, Much delayed post, because I had to make sure certain family members did not see it before the holidays! To share a bit of my homemade holiday with you, here's a gift I made for my dad's brother and sister.

When I went home last December, there were beautiful art prints of some town landmarks hanging in a coffee shop. They were out of my budget, but there were greeting card sized versions of the same prints, so I was able to get each landmark, and frame them together in a single grouping.

The old movie theater, the gazebo from the center of the square, and the old jailhouse, are all centerpieces of Carlinville, IL. When we would drive to my grandparents' from our home in Chicago, the contest was to see which person could first spot the spire of the county courthouse as we approached town. I love this artists' versions of each.

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