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December 15, 2010

Poor Quality Snafish Photo Mugs

About a week ago I made a photo mug on the website Snapfish for free through an offer from Hershey's, after reading about the offer from The Frugal Girls. I was so excited to make a souvenir from a great pet photo as a present to myself! I chose an image from this past Halloween.

The deal actually only cost me $2.99 total for shipping, and my mug came in today's mail--pretty quickly for a promo, I thought. But I'm so glad I didn't actually order this as a holiday gift for someone else, because the quality of the mug is poor. The image was crooked, and after one washing some of the paint is already chipping off near the top of the photo!

Since it was a "free" offer I won't be complaining or returning the item. But because I know these probably are popular gifts, I wanted to review the product. If you're thinking of getting a mug with the kids' picture on it for grandma or grandpa, you might do better going down the block to your local Walgreens.

What custom photo gifts have you given as gifts, and how/where did you create them? Please leave a comment on the blog if you have an experience to relate.

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