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October 5, 2012

Cast Resin Halloween Swag

My folks' new house called for some new holiday decorations.   A friend taught me how to use a pourable resin with fixative to mold some really cute holiday figures.  I used them to create a Holiday swag over the fireplace, bringing fall right into the heart of the great room.

Molded from shortbread cookie pans, the ornaments could have been made into magnets, windchimes, mobiles, or wreaths.  It was a fun way to experiment with a new craft.  

We played with glitter to give the resin different colors, even layering to create a look like the candy corn.  I used nail polish to add details like eyes on several pieces, and sprayed a clear gloss sealant for extra shine. Adding ribbon bows made with floral wire gives body that makes the decoration stand out from further across the room.

This little Mummy man had the added distinction of glowing in the dark.  It's the glitter that has the effect, not the resin, but he certainly stands out.

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