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October 7, 2012

Hesby House Garden Rebirth

After spending some time at my folks' in July and August, it was time to refresh my own backyard in earnest!  The old grass was a Kentucky Ryegrass that grew in tufty patches and never seemed to even out.  I hired a wonderful gardener who pulled all the old, dried weed and put in its place a seed called Marathon.  These pics were taken about a month ago, but I'm finally getting around to sharing.

The canna on the side was sternly trimmed.  Letting the light back into the bed opens it up nicely.

The English tea garden with my herbs list all its buds in the 108 degree temps we had this summer, but it's coming back with regular watering.  I re-planted sage, basil, and dill.

The hibiscus are slowly growing into the hedge I envisioned.  The buds here are returning with more watering, too.

I got a vine from a friend last fall, and it has rooted well!  I think this is called Passionfruit?  It's on the chain link fence separating my property from the apartment building next door.  The morning glories I've had there before get too aggressive and overgrown.  And I love these delicate flowers.

I overhauled my pots in the front with dollar store mums and finds from the half-dead pile at the hardware store.  The mums in my favorite golden hues will bring fall to Southern California, if they can survive the summer temperatures we had throughout September!

(The front walkway)

The last bit of whimsy is a new birdbath!  It sits in the ivy rounding the corner to my front door.

What are your favorite garden decorations?  Please share a comment or photo with me below!

1 comment:

  1. It's come a long way! Looks really good! My favorite 'decoration' is a sundial.


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