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January 12, 2009

Game Book Tribute to my Grandma

my dad playing the game "pig"

I'll let you in on a project of mine, at the risk of appearing a fool when this takes me a decade to complete. I'd like to make a rule book of all the card games my grandma used to play with us kids. I have a running list of games that I'm making, so I can do the research and put this book together. And since I started this blog as a way of reducing the paper clutter in my office, I'll post the list here. Maybe you will leave me the rules for some of these games in the comments to this post, or maybe it will spark more games that should be added to my list.

Grandma Walker studies the cards

The games that I remember are:
Kings on the Corners
Crazy 8s
Go Fish

I guess a few board games could be added to this....Yahtzee

I'll also have to add a recipe for Black Cows, which are like a root beer float, but made with Pepsi instead of root beer. That was the special treat Grandma would make anytime upon request, but always when we played cards.

Whenever I get this project done it'll make a great Christmas present for all my cousins.

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