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March 13, 2009

Doggy Treat Jars

I made a little present for the doggies today. Getting a picture of it without a little chihuahua snout attached actually became an issue. I had to put the jar on doggy steps on the table to get an unobstructed view.

Since my dogs are tinys at only six lbs. apiece, I can fit lots of their cookies into a small jar. But I like to have them all over the house. My Claire is known to jump onto the coffee table and other surfaces in search of good things, so I like the containers to be airtight.

This craft was really easy. I took a regular wide-mouth canning jar, and picked some cute fabric. Then I used the flat from the jar lid to trace circles onto the fabric which I cut out. Next I took a jar of Mod-Podge and painted the fabric onto the lid with the glue. Let dry, trim if needed, and you're done. Just remember to keep the dogs out of the room until the lid's back onto the jar!

And, not to forget the cats....

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