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March 30, 2009

Morning Champagne Brunch Cruise

This sounds like fun, and something I should definitely set up as a group event: a Saturday or Sunday morning Champagne Brunch Cruise through Hornblower Cruises & Events based out of Marina del Rey for only $53 bucks a head.

Here's the description from their website: "Take in the sights, listen to relaxing music, linger in the sun, and visit the Captain. Our lavish brunch buffet features a savory selection of all your favorites and includes complimentary free-flowing champagne. Boarding at 11:30am, Cruising from 12-2pm." Check out the menu here.

Anyone care to join me? Leave a comment for me, and I'll send you an invitation.


  1. It sounds fun- and definitely not too early- send me an invite if you set it up!

  2. Soon as we have five or so people who want to go, I'll schedule it, so feel free to tell your friends.


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