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June 9, 2010

June Garden Update

I spent the day yesterday tidying in the garden. My berries feel so much better after weaving and tying all the long vines into the trellis and fence. The vines look barren in these pics, but it's only because I picked them bare as I worked! My mint has suffered from my lack of watering, but I'm hopeful that mint is hardy enough to come back.

The back side of the chain-link fence....The berries are beginning to provide a living privacy screen!

My happy rooster....

I'd written off my apple tree for dead some weeks ago, but hadn't yet brought myself to throwing it out. This week it's got a beautiful sprouting bunch of leaves at the end of one branch, proving to me that it wants to live! It even looks like it might blossom.

I have at least four varieties of Canna that has flowered this year in one bed of the garden. I think of this orange one as tropical punch--it's my favorite for it's broad sunset petals.

It's hard to tell from the photos, but there are two distinctly different shades of this narrow-petaled canna. The top photo is a vibrant red, and below is a salmon pink variety.

My artichoke had appeared to split into two this spring, but up to now had chokes on only one plant. The smaller plant now has two baby artichokes! See one in the bottom right corner below? So far I've harvested about four chokes from the parent plant.


  1. Your garden looks great! I have never grown artichokes before. Are they perrenials?

  2. Alea, I'm not sure about your area--here in zone 10 Artichokes are perennials. They say you can get fruit off the plant for 4-7 years. Mine is in year 2! ;o) Thanks for reading.


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