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August 24, 2011

Day Trip to Catalina

Did you know you can get a free round-trip pass to Catalina on your birthday, courtesy of the Catalina Express? They've even compiled a list of birthday deals and freebies available on the island.

I had a lovely day trip this week, just hanging out in the tiny town of Avalon, shopping, eating and sightseeing. My friend Annie happens to share my birthday, so she was able to join me on the same deal!

The icing on the cake for the day was seeing a seal feeding on flying fish in the water right around the boat as we pulled away.

bronze statue in town--the camera display glared so that I couldn't see the composition till I got home!

(a friendly guy joined me for lunch with a book at a cafe while Annie was off parasailing)

"the Casino" now houses a movie theater and a museum

The wall along the walkway leading to the Casino had several tile frescos depicting local history, including the Cubs Spring Training camp that was originally held on the island.

end-of-day view of Avalon

What are your favorite local daytrips? How do you like to spend your birthday? Please leave a comment on the post.

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