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August 24, 2011

Garden Update: Hibiscus Hedge

My garden project of late has been establishing a hibiscus hedge in a particular bed directly ahead of the path leading in from the gate. I've planted seven hibiscus over time, all generic or from the "half-dead" pile. I've now seen each of them bloom, and found I've lucked out with some beautiful varieties! This sunset version is high on the list:

There's a pink with a dark center that looks apricot when backlit by the sunset:

My favorite is this last, a salmon colored bloom that seems to be doubled with almost twisted petals:

When it all grows in the hedge should be easy to maintain with lots of color in all its blooms.

What's your favorite bush or hedge plant that still provides color? Thanks for your comments to this post.


  1. beautiful!!! i like that first sunset one. i may give some hibiscus a try next year. i've seen a few in some neighbors beds. do they need shade, sun or what? pet claire for me (and chance so he doesn't feel left out).

  2. I think they like the heat and sun--not sure how they do in colder zones so I don't know if they'd overwinter, but I haven't looked for that info either. You could always put one in a pot that you take inside for the winter too.


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