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May 10, 2014

Beading with Czech Glass

Crafting with others is often much more fun than doing it alone.  However, traveling with supplies poses some problems, as I discovered when I took all my beads on an out of state trip.  I had a great organizer, so I thought, and was traveling by car, so no problem, right?  But when the organizer tipped on its side, I ended up with a mishmosh of seed beads in a new rainbow combination.  That was four years ago, and the mess was so mixed up I avoided it all this time.  But I've had fun this month finally reorganizing my beading supplies.  The mixed up seed beads ended up in a donation pile to become someone else's problem, but all my other beads are neatly sorted in new see-through bins.  

Often when I go out of town, my souveniers brought home end up being a few strings of beads.  These Czech glass beads were my reminders of my latest trip to Nashville.  I strung them this week as my "power bracelet" in shades of carnelian and gold.

Do you often wear jewelry you've made yourself, or do you tend to give away most everything you make?  What sizes of beads do you enjoy working with?  Feel free to leave a comment on the blog.

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