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August 19, 2010

Brian McKnight at the Bowl

The Summer Jazz night sponsored by 94.7 had such an extensive lineup that it began in broad daylight. Spencer Day and R n R were new-to-me acts that were impressive, but the one I was waiting for was R & B singer Brian McKnight.

Brian McKnight brought his ballads, like "Anytime," "Back to One," and "One Last Cry," to the Hollywood Bowl. He's a consummate performer, with every moment carefully choreographed and staged. One aspect of the Bowl that I really enjoy are the dual monitors on each side of the stage, that normally show a live feed. McKnight had intercut graphics, perfectly timed to the beat of his music. I'm sure even his in-between "off the cuff" remarks were fully written out.

He also brought his two sons, sixteen and eighteen years old. As backup singers, their harmonizing was great, but they were not who I'd come to see. And they weren't promoted beforehand, so I was a bit put off when McKnight turned the stage over to them alone.

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