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August 19, 2010

Mr. Wisdom Organic Health Foods Hare Krishna Restaurant

A friend of mine was watching an episode of Bizarre Foods on the Food Network channel, and they were doing a spot on how one doesn't need to leave your own city to find other cultures. I guess they were profiling places in Los Angeles in this vein, and one of the restaurants that caught my friend's eye was Mr. Wisdom Organic Health Foods Hare Krishna Restaurant located on Slauson a good ways south of USC. My friend's visiting from Philadelphia, so we went to meet Mr. Wisdom in person. He's quite a character! His establishment features a juice bar, what he calls the "salad bar" featuring hot Indian stews and several types of beans, and veggie burgers, along with a few vegan sweets.

Fresh carrot juice tastes very similar to milk to me. So naturally I had a carrot-apple juice, and a generous slice of vegan carob cake. I watched Mr. Wisdom wash the carrots and feed them into his commercial juicer. The carob, brought in from a local baker, was a nice twist to the usual chocolate flavor and really yummy! My friends tried a plate from the salad bar and an antioxidant wheatgrass-flax-lemon juice blended drink. From the salad/steam bar, my favorite entree was a squash stew that had just enough spice to make the flavor profile interesting, without being too "hot" spicy. The veggie burger was obviously commerically made and frozen, but since I didn't have that myself, I couldn't pin down the brand he served. Mr Wisdom does feature Agave in his ingredients, which I've heard a lot of negative press about lately, so I'm weary of that.

Mr. Wisdom offers free dietary advice to those who may be suffering serious illness and are ready to turn to alternative therapies. There is a full pantry of herbs and spices for sale in his establishment. He also hosts weekly Sunday Hare Krishna Consciousness spiritual classes, including free food.

Have you ever sampled Hare Krishna or Indian food? Do you like spicy hot fare in the first place? What are your favorite vegetarian restaurants? Please leave a comment on the blog.

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