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August 30, 2010

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

I finally registered for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. In my area, it's being taught at Our Savior's First Lutheran Church in Granada Hills on Sunday evenings now through the end of November. Today was the first class.

Before attending, I thought the course was meant for married or couples, to get them talking about finances and on the same page. But with or without a spouse, I need to deal with those same issues, and I don't think I would on my own. While I'm not bad with money, I don't save as I should, especially being a freelancer, and living in such a high cost-of-living area as Los Angeles. But I'm happy with the status quo, and need the accountability and forced study of a structured group to make real changes.

At the classes, you watch a video each week of Dave Ramsey presenting--so this could be done as a home study course, using the DVDs. The power of the group classes are the discussion and accountability groups that follow. Hearing and seeing other people's experiences and views can be affirming or lesson providing.

Right now, the first class is free, so you can come and investigate if it's right for you. If you wish to continue after that, you're paying for the materials, whether through the organization hosting the series or through the website online. I'm finding the materials on ebay, but haven't yet won an auction, so I don't know how much that will save me.

Here's what the course covers:

Week 1
Super Saving
The Beginning... A Very Good Place to Start
Enough of Anything is Too Much
The Basics (A Foundation)
Pile Up Plunder

Week 2
Relating with Money
Single As a One-Dollar Bill
Tying a Knot in Your Money: Marriage
Crumb Snatchers and Money
Family, Friends, and Money
Carefully Consider Counsel

Week 3
Cash Flow Planning
Why Written?
Baby Steps

Week 4
Dumping Debt
Lifestyles of the Rich
Dumping Debt

Week 5
Credit Sharks In Suits
Cucumbers, Collectors & Credit Reports
The End... Or Just The Beginning?

Week 6
Buyer Beware
Let The Buyer Beware - Caveat Emptor

Week 7
Clause and Effect
“KISS” Your Money: begin with Insurance

Week 8
That's Not Good Enough!
Buy Only Big, Big Bargains

Week 9
Of Mice and Mutual Funds
“KISS” Your Money through Simple Discipline is The Key
Of Mice and Mutual Funds through To Load Or Not To Load

Week 10
From Fruition To Tuition
Of Mice And Mutual Funds: begin with Funding Those Golden Rocking Chairs

Week 11
Working In Your Strengths
Career Choice

Week 12
Real Estate and Mortgages
Buy Only Big, Big Bargains: sections Real Estate Bargains and Owner Financing Bonanza

Week 13
The Great Misunderstanding
Understand The Spiritual Aspects Of Money
Do It Daily

I'm hoping I will grow a lot through this course. Have you taken it? How do you handle financial decisions in your own life? Please leave a comment on the blog.

1 comment:

  1. Ellen: I will be interested to hear your comments after you complete the course--how it impacted you, was it helpful, etc. I have friends who have "read at" Dave Ramsey, but not done anymore than that.


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