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February 1, 2009

Laser Monks: Best Place for Printer Cartridges

For savings in buying printer ink cartridges, I've repeatedly been pushed toward those do-it-yourself refill ink kits. I hate messing with these. If I spill even a little, I would do far more damage to my furniture than the savings I'd get over buying a cartridge. I like to buy my ink from

The monastery runs the business, so I'm supporting a charitable enterprise, and they are CHEAP! They'll also give ten or twenty percent off for repeat business, so give your email address for coupons or just call and ask for the discount.

In addition to supporting them with my business, I send my used cartridges to them in prepaid envelopes they provide. They get whatever funds they can for recycling the cartridges, and I keep my cartridges from the landfill. Everybody wins!

17308 Havenwood Rd
Sparta, WI 54656
(866) 808-8080 TOLL FREE

Do you have any recommendations for office products? Let me know in a comment!

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