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December 16, 2009

A Day Without A Bag

Heal the Bay is holding an educational and grassroots event on the third Thursday in December, Dec. 17th, 2009, asking businesses and individuals throughout Los Angeles County to forgo single-use, plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable bags. The Third Annual A Day Without a Bag culminates in a community & media event being held in Downtown Los Angeles featuring education activities and a press conference. A highlight of the event will be bag sewing and decorating stations coordinated by Anna Cummins from In Addition, nearly 20,000 reusable bags will be given out at more than 50 locations throughout Los Angeles County. has a great "learning" page that explains the reasons behind an embargo on plastic bags: the "plastic soup" floating in our oceans, causing toxicity in our food and filling up our landfills. Check it out when you get a minute, and remember to keep some reusable bags in the trunk of your car for unexpected errands.

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