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December 10, 2009

Follow Up: DWP Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival

Last month I posted the map and schedule info for the DWP's Griffith Park Light Festival. This evening I finally got to check it out for myself!

I lived not ten minutes from Griffith Park for three or four years, and still have never attended this event, so it's actually a big deal that I went. The festival's "gone green," with more than half the dates closed to auto traffic for eco-friendly reasons. Folks are encouraged to park at the LA Zoo, and walk or bike along the closed roadway path. Luckily for us, dogs are allowed, so I took Chance and Claire for a walk while giving myself a visual and auditory treat!

The soundtrack was great--fitting and festive without being annoying. The path was really wide so the crowd seemed fun rather than closed in and imposing. It took us only about an hour and a half to walk through the whole thing, stopping on the way back for pictures. While chilly, it was not overly freezing since I dressed in extra layers. Since I'd seen the equipment standing when driving through the park in November, I was expecting the exhibit to be anti-climactic, but it was really striking to see it all lit. Definitely a fun family activity, and free!

Can anyone identify the building above? I think it might be the downtown I right?

The volcano was part of an exhibit including several dinosaurs and a Pterodactyl.

I may have to make my Christmas cards from these "muscle beach" images. Soo Cali.

The Port of Los Angeles exhibit was one of my two favorites. It included a replica of the Vincent Thomas Bridge, which stretched across the roadway in 3-D.

My other favorite was the Griffith Observatory scene. The little elf's telescope extended to the moon as various stars twinkled around him.

The departing plane took off from LAX's old tower, and even included the sculptures marking the entrance to the airport. It was beautiful!

There were plenty of whimsical holiday scenes. I thought my folks' adopted "grandsons" would like to see this power truck's bucket extending.

There was even a replica of the Hollywood Bowl in lights.

Another classic card image is all the little "film elves" in the Hollywood section shooting a movie off a Titan Crane.

A rare Santa dropping presents out of a plane.

The area around the observatory being defended by fireman elves pumping from an LA DWP water tank....

It's funny how random the exhibits could be, and the juxtaposition from one to another. The indian below was a part of a huge western-themed area.

What are your favorite Holiday displays? Do you have lights or sculptures in your own front yard?

Do you find there are a ton of events (people, places, activities) right at your fingertips, in your own backyard that you've not made the effort to explore? Please leave a comment on the blog if you have a similar issue.

1 comment:

  1. Love the light show! Some of them cracked me up--especially the one to Hulholland! Lights are going up all around town--there seem to be more this year in people's yards and on their houses. Maybe in defiance of these economic times?


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