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December 31, 2009

Fourth Quarter Round-Up

Once again, in the fall, I kept a running list of the good and bad for the quarter, but failed to post it at the end of the year. So, without further editing, I'm hitting "publish." I like having a tangible list of my goals, as a sort of a journal accounting. Here was October/November/December 2009:

-Had my Dyson vaccum cleaner professionally serviced & cleaned to maximize efficiency and supported a local business in the process.
-Had Claire's cysts biopsied at the end of October--came back as benign "follicular cysts"
-Improved my culinary skills by learning to make baked/scalloped apples, squash casserole, and a "sausage" breakfast casserole
-Donated dog cookies that I'd baked and packaged to my 4-H club to sell at Judging Day to benefit the club. Continued to donate my time as a 4-H leader.
-Finally found a 2nd bowl for my ice cream maker at a thrift store for $5! Sounds silly, but I waited a long time to find this secondhand (been looking for a year) rather than wasting a lot of money ordering from the manufacturer and contributing to mass consumerism. Now I can make two kinds of ice cream at once! I'm trying to make more purchasing choices consciously, as I did this time.
-Got my pasta maker attachment for my stand mixer at a thrift store for $54, which retails from the manufacturer for $169. I then sold via etsy for $25 my old manual pasta maker that I'd never used. Total investment: $34. And I held to the item in-item out rule that will keep my clutter in check.
-Registered on; started trading books there in addition to PaperBackSwap.
-Hosted Thanksgiving for eight people, including myself--parents and friends that are family. Bought way too much groceries; cooked for a week; cooked holiday meal; decluttered and cleaned house to fit all the people in. Forgot to take pictures.
-Introduced my mom to z-coil shoes, orthopedically fit to an individual. Hoping she'll see benefits to her knees and back.
-Found an "adopt a family" program for the 4-H club to participate in during the holidays. Picked up the club's collected gifts and delivered to the shelter for them
-Got a two-week vacation/break at my folks' for the holidays. Drove, with dogs, in storm, stranded overnight in hotel. Spent time mostly crafting with my mom.
-Fulfilled jury duty
-Did not do the day-after-Christmas sales, where I normally do ALL my holiday shopping in advance for the next year. This sets me up for a very low-key, homemade holiday next year. I'll have to have conversations with family and friends to prepare us both for this. And am not used to doing gifts at the last minute--so will have to make a conscious effort to prepare throughout the year. Will not be doing stockings for my immediate family next Christmas.

Goals for winter:
-Focus on looking for work
-Continue blogging, 4-H work
-As usual, get more physical
-Continue daily dog walking, grooming them regularly myself
-Craft for next xmas in January
-Bring back my garden

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