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December 1, 2009

Needlepoint Ornaments

Thought I'd share my little collection of Christmas ornaments I've cross-stitched. They're done on plastic canvas, so they're rigid and strong. And the 14-ct size is large enough to be eye-catching on the tree. I cover the back with felt and add a "handmade by" tag. I've given a few away as gifts, but mostly I'm actually decorating my own tree. I keep these in a metal tin when put away, so they're all together--someday they'll make a keepsake hand-down. I manage to do four or so per year. The projects are small enough to fit in a pencil-holder or ziploc baggie, and are flat enough to slip into any bag. I take one with me wherever I go, and make progress in increments whenever I'm waiting around somewhere.

Do you have a "take-it-along" hobby similar to this? Tell me about it in a comment on the blog.

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