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September 4, 2010

Easy Craft Tip for Paints

Here's an easy organization tip for using and storing paints--when I buy a new color of any paint, acrylic or otherwise, the first thing I do is to take a sponge brush and paint the lid using that paint. This shows me in true color how that shade will come out, as names like "Seafoam," "Sunset," and "Spiced Custard" may be descriptive but not exact.

I do the same thing with house paints and spray paint cans.

I also use a tub meant for cleaning supplies to store my paint, which makes for easy setup and take-down. They're stackable and the acrylic containers seem to be just the right height. The handles are easy for kids to grab and carry. I can then organize the paints by shade to be able to find just what I'm looking for.

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