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November 30, 2009

Z-Coil Shoes

(Chance & Claire were helping me take pics for the blog today)

People on set often ask me about my shoes. Because I work in television, I'm regularly on my feet for literally eighteen hours or longer straight. I've watched both my parents battle joint problems, and I also know the health statistics of those in my industry. My hip and one knee sometimes give me trouble, not to mention my back. So I'm all about whatever might lengthen my years in my profession. When a friend introduced me to Z-CoiL Footwear, I jumped on them.

They're expensive shoes, but so are any good athletic wear like Nike or Adidas. Unlike those, these are orthotically designed, and custom fit for individual support. The whole process takes about an hour. Its design reduces impact to the body and distributes pressure more evenly than traditional shoes; supposedly they reduce shock to joints by 50%. My uppers have lasted two years and it only costs about $50 to have the heel coil replaced, though the shoes are initially a couple hundred bucks.

[Info from their website] During the fitting process, they explain the design of the shoe, help you select the footwear that is most appropriate for your activities, and make sure the shoe is sized properly. Then you are asked to spend about five minutes walking around the store to experience the “feel” of this unique footwear. While you are walking, they check your toe room, arch support, heel fit, and shoe width. They also ask you to be specific about the pain you are experiencing so they can focus on those issues. Unlike most footwear on the market, Z-CoiL® shoes are adjustable. Once they examine the shape of your foot and the way you walk, they make a variety of footwear adjustments to provide the maximum support and comfort possibly all while you wait. They can adjust for flat feet, high arches, wide feet, bunions and corns, hammertoes, heel spurs, neuromas, and many other conditions that can be responsible for foot pain. They can also balance the shoes if you tend to over-pronate (feet roll in) or over-supinate (feet roll out). If you are experiencing joint pain, you may have developed a pattern of walking that is putting too much pressure on the affected joint. In many cases, they can make adjustments to the footwear to relieve pressure on the joint. [Info from their website]

Because of my mom's back and knee problems, I took my folks along this weekend when I needed a pair. My new shoes are the brown ones on the left (the "High Desert Hiker"); the grey ones on the right are my older pair that I've had for about two years--this week I got a new coil for them, basically having them re-heeled. I've been really happy with the performance of my old shoe, but I'm excited to have the additional ankle support of the new design. I do have mine fitted with my prescription orthotics inserted, so if you wear those, they can be accomodated as well.

My mom was trepidatious before seeing how the shoe was fit on me, but she did eventually try on and buy a pair with the "enclosed" spring. Since she's on her feet a great deal as a school nurse, I'll be looking forward to hearing how she's settled into the shoes when I see her at Christmastime.

The Torrance Z-CoiL store offers a ten dollar discount to newly referred customers. Click on this coupon, then print it out, or just mention my name if you go (they'll give me a referral credit as well).

Do you wear these or other specifically engineered footwear? Leave a comment on the blog if you have a favorite brand or type of shoes.

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