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September 14, 2009

John Williams Conducts at the Hollywood Bowl

One of the highlights of my summer was this year's John Williams night at the Hollywood Bowl. It's an annual, highly popular event in which he conducts music from movies of his choice for about half the show, and music from his own movies in the latter half of the show: ones from his long collaboration with Steven Spielberg, or George Lucas.

There was one great clip montage devoted to action heroes. It was such fun to see familiar characters that I'd not visited in a long while. The montage ended with Christopher Reeve's Superman flying over the camera, and beyond the audience.

It was magical to see John Williams conduct, but the true highlight of the show was when the whole stage lit up as the orchestra hit the first notes of the theme to "Star Wars." The entire audience roared to life as light sabers were activated throughout the crowd!

A very gracious, sweet man, John Williams had about five encores prepared. Even as he left the stage, light sabers cut the cameras for the video feed monitors bordering the big bowl. No doubt, this man knows his legacy and how much he's appreciated.

What's your favorite John Williams composition? Have you ever seen him conduct live? Leave me a comment on the blog.

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