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October 31, 2009

Bakery Bread Outlet

One thrift-saving tip is to buy your bread through the day-old bakery. The Orowheat outlets also have fresh products that the retail stores didn’t take that day. They stock Bob’s Red Mill whole grain products as well as buns and loaves of bread. Oroweat also owns Entenmann’s, so some of the outlets offer both products. They offer a punch card, so every so-many dollars spent gets you an extra something. Thursdays are double punch days towards those cards. But even without a punch card, spend over six dollars and get an extra item of the store's choosing.

Today I got everything in the picture above, including two loaves of seeded whole wheat bread and four packages of english muffins, for only seven bucks!

To find an outlet in the LA area, start here.

Do you buy your bread through an outlet, or make your own? Please share your methods in a comment on the blog.

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