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October 1, 2009

Halloween Owl Cakes

Here are the cakes I made for a friend's Halloween party 2008. I thought these fall owls were a happy addition to the ghoulish scene. I got the idea from this food magazine:
The cover showed cupcakes, but I being a master of speed, preferred to do one big cake. The only round pan I had were my graduated Pyrex set, so I decided to split the batter and do a mama and baby. That gave me a little more chance to play with feathers. The grocery store I went to did not have LifeSavers (who doesn't carry LifeSavers?!?) for the eyes, so I substituted an apricot fruit leather, and just cut out circles. It was a bit of improvisation, but I was happy with the look in the end.

What are your favorite Halloween party favors and decorations? How soon do you start your season? Tell me about your Halloween traditions in a comment below.


  1. I love your owl cakes, they are such a fun idea! And great improvising; they turned out really well!

  2. These are a hoot!! (No pun intended.) (Well, maybe just a little...)

    I loved your comment on my blog about being able to eat, sleep and dream in my larder for a year! Come visit--you can eat and dream all you want, but I suggest sleeping in one of the spare beds and NOT on the kitchen or basement floor!!!


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