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October 26, 2009

Online Home-Movie Log

I just started cataloguing my home movies--DVDs and VHS--for the first time. I was working in a word table, until my friend told me about a website she uses called DVD Aficionado. It's a site that allows you to keep a log online, so it's accessible from anywhere. When you input a title, director, UPC, etc., the site will show cover art for that movie in all its generations, so you actually pick not only the film you own, but the edition. The site's free to use, though you must register in order to list a collection.

In addition to listing what you have, the site has a "wish list" function. This is great for family members wanting to gift to you. The site has great tutorials and is really easy to use. And your page is easy to find, as it's "your screen name" (without the quotation marks). I'm looking forward to checking my list before I purchase anything for myself, to make sure I'm not duplicating something long forgotten at home.

The one aspect that I find is a negative is the fact that it only registers DVDs, not videos. Though I no longer buy VHS copies, I do have a number of them still in my collection.

Here's the tutorial, showing the benefits of using the site, and how to make your own log of your home movie collection:

Have you given away all your videos yet? What formats do you use: DVD, Blu Ray, etc? Do you keep a collection at home, or prefer to only rent? Do you ever check videos/DVDs out from your local library? Please leave a comment on the blog with your hints and tips.

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